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Netherlands 3 came around the same time cryptopia was hacked making some great claims about security and surely not wasting any time pointing out others flaws. Time will be the judge that decides this. For now we leave you with the standard advise. We remind a..


China 3 is a new exchange that has offered at least one project a free listing that we know of. The fact that its missing SSL security or a translation option is just the beginning of the issues we see here at a glance. Be very careful with storing f..

S?Tom?nd Pr?ipe 2
A new exchange we are currently researching. DEX bitshares type of system. Remember never store funds on the exchange. Keep your funds safe!

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands 1
Nova exchange is one of my favorite platforms. If you have the chance to use it you will fall in love with the services they provide!

Côte d’Ivoire 1
An exchange we are doing some research on. Remember never store your funds at any exchange and always keep you coins safe.


Russia 1
MCT+ exchange coming on the radar today. Quick overview of the site several spelling errors no terms of service but (coming soon) also the same with (privacy policy) I see they have no issue charging for adding a coin however. We remind all traders to whe..


Chile 1
Hitbtc one of the largest crypto exchanges at the moment. Has been noted they participate and support "Wash trading" in order to artificially increase volumes Also noted they are refusing to update the XDN block chain and allow user withdraws so ..

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