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United States 11 Crypto by the community For the community! Forum, Services, Giveaways!

New Zealand 6
These fucks actually had the nerve to post Don't panic hours before announcing liquidation for proof see here [url][/url]

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Bahamas 6
WE ARE CLOSING DOWN SOON. Read the announcement for full details. Please make sure all withdrawals are completed before the 1st of December 2019.


Antarctica 6
"On Wednesday the 14th of November 2018 we were alerted to some questionable trades on the Doge-BTC Market, A user had placed a buy order for just over 11btc worth of Dogecoin at 100 sats price which is way above the current price, Said user then went ..

Afghanistan 6
A possible scam exchange sending multiple spam pm messages to all discord admins. Upon further review some links on the site seem to not work and the vote for coin feature requires minimum 0.001 btc per vote and you need 200 votes to even be considered. ..


Zimbabwe 3
too long maintenance without clear notice, fake trading volume, This market is reminiscent of, I don't know which country the owner is from, for more info

Netherlands 3 came around the same time cryptopia was hacked making some great claims about security and surely not wasting any time pointing out others flaws. Time will be the judge that decides this. For now we leave you with the standard advise. We remind a..

Afghanistan 3
On 3/7/19 it was advised that all lionbit sites and social media have been taken down in what appears to be a blatant EXIT SCAM!


China 3 is a new exchange that has offered at least one project a free listing that we know of. The fact that its missing SSL security or a translation option is just the beginning of the issues we see here at a glance. Be very careful with storing f..


Argentina 2
SCAM exchange exit scam multiple times stating they would return user coins then changing details. Not sending full refunds. Charging .003 fees to send BTC! Minimums are insane. stopped keeping market data at time of breach paying out users at loss to them..

S?Tom?nd Pr?ipe 2
A new exchange we are currently researching. DEX bitshares type of system. Remember never store funds on the exchange. Keep your funds safe!

Switzerland 2 looks like a small start up exchange at a glance. They have several youtube videos linked at the top of shillers to sell you bags and bags of shitcoins upon further inspection. Its also noted they predict prices offer trading advise, and blata..

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands 1
Nova exchange is one of my favorite platforms. If you have the chance to use it you will fall in love with the services they provide!

Côte d’Ivoire 1
An exchange we are doing some research on. Remember never store your funds at any exchange and always keep you coins safe.


Russia 1
MCT+ exchange coming on the radar today. Quick overview of the site several spelling errors no terms of service but (coming soon) also the same with (privacy policy) I see they have no issue charging for adding a coin however. We remind all traders to whe..


Chile 1
Hitbtc one of the largest crypto exchanges at the moment. Has been noted they participate and support "Wash trading" in order to artificially increase volumes Also noted they are refusing to update the XDN block chain and allow user withdraws so ..

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